If your sense of humor is dark enough, the boss fight with Koloktos — where you repeatedly chop its limbs off with its own sword and whale on its weak spot while it sits helplessly — can be Bloody Hilarious. When you first fix Scrapper, he acts like a complete jerk. Then Fi comes out and he starts flirting with her.


The fight with Koloktos, which is one of the best boss fights in Zelda history. You even have to use a BFS it itself uses in a similar manner to using weapons dropped by enemies in The Wind Waker, a feature absent since then. The battle is very reminiscent of an Iron Knuckle fight.

There a strange laughing in the background that almost sounds like a child. (`・ω・´)っ Ancient Automaton: Koloktos〔No Damage〕Timestamps:0:00 Intro0:41 Battle StartBoss finished in 2 minutes 45 seconds [Boss Trial Time] 3 minutes 34 sec Battle starts at 0:43This is the boss of the Ancient Cistern and also the fifth boss in the game. He looks like a giant idol with multiple arms. The way to w And also Koloktos is one creepy boss with his creepy baby laugh!Enjoy the episode!Follow We fight the Boss of the Ancient Cistern and obtain Farore's Flame!

Koloktos laugh

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It uses several weapons including axes which it throws like boomerangs, large swords which Link can pick up and use against it, and its fists. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (An echoey, high pitched version is used when Koloktos is defeated.) Wii U: Splatoon (The Skyward Sword variant is used for one of the Inkling statues in the Museum d'Alfonsino stage at night.) Commercials. New Zealand: BWR Charted Accountants (2010's, radio) USA: Chuck E. Cheese's - Laughing Kids (2002) eBay 2017-10-27 · 7. Koloktos, the Ancient Automaton. Fun fact: Koloktos has a real-world look-alike in San Francisco! To learn more about the Koloktos look-alike statue featured in this picture and how we created this image, click here! 8.

Mar 9, 2015 - I couldn't stop laughing at this the first time I saw it.

However, Demise began to laugh with his demonic sounds before glancing at Eddy. "You two are quite interesting. If you want, I can offer what it means to have power." He extended out his left hand.

The Russian one, for example, sounds to me like Zelda is laughing, rather than wailing in Right before Koloktos attacks, it lets out this creepy humming sound.

"You two are quite interesting. If you want, I can offer what it means to have power." He extended out his left hand. "All you have to do is cast off your so-called friends and kneel before me. Then, I might grant you fame and absolute power." "F-fame and absolute koloktos: something daniel-san: get what? gArBagE dAY: dsdksd hmmmmmm,, a boyfriend? clockwork purple: lmaoooo ohm: damn which store I need one µg: rude of you to not pick up some for everyone else smh froakie: fr where'd u go gArBagE dAY: no guys I'm actually not joking hsdjsbhhhjhfksdhfdj acid bath princess of darkness: sorry you're what 2020-11-11 · Furthermore, when Koloktos is defeated, it seems to laugh like a child before exploding.

Koloktos laugh

Sparad från 8bitnerds.com I think it was called Koloktos..?
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Koloktos laugh

Though you can fight for virgins and get 72 of them, and I hear its a blast. Same thing with love. You cant buy it, but you will pay dearly for it.

On the one hand, it's had some real thought put into it, it's got lots of Zelda hallmarks for fans to enjoy, and it's a long, MotionPlus-fuelled adventure that'll get some decent playtime out of the Wii, a console known for suffocating under layers of dust for long periods. 2016-03-13 Dec 17, 2018 - There is a single, irrefutable fact in this world: fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity. Though you can fight for virgins and get 72 of them, and I hear its a blast.
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Dec 16, 2020 Unfortunately, Paul is also the Dad most likely to intentionally embarrass you in front of your friend just to laugh at the expression of horror on 

His chest swelled as he was about to retort, but you interrupted by … The voice snorted impatiently. To you, I am nothing but a dusty pile of metal.

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After Koloktos' introduction, what seemed to be a large boulder erupts from the ground. The audience comprised of Bokoblins, Moblins, Stalfos, Guardians, LD-200G Pirate Robots, Remlits, Scrapper and other various enemies in the Zelda universe leaned forward in their seats, expecting a Boss' grand entrance.

Do you even laugh? Legend of Zelda - Laugh at your own risk.